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Backlink Checker – Why & How?

Backlink Rechecker helps you find out if your backlinks are live and working. Backlinks are one of the things that search engines consider when deciding how and where to rank your site. Before you do additional steps to strengthen your backlinks, and to administer them, make sure that your backlinks are live and working, using this FREE tool

If you are here then you already know about the huge SEO (Search Engine Optimization) power of getting backlinks (other sites linking to your site).

The trouble is that for all your backlink efforts,

  1. Your backlink may not be a correct link on that webpage
  2. Your backlink may not get indexed
  3. Your backlinks may be weak

This is the problem that we’re going to look at solving right now – and what Backlink Rechecker is built to fix for you…

Indexed in Google?

Maybe you also know that a backlink from a web page that is not indexed in Google is WORTHLESS.

Is your backlink page indexed in Google?  Chances are that it is probably not – unless it is a powerful, natural backlink.  If you got the backlink from your own SEO efforts, then there’s a fair chance that it wont get indexed.  From our own tests, we found that 50% to 80% of backlinks don’t get indexed in Google.

So you need to help Google to find your backlinks.

You do that by getting other backlinks TO those backlinks

Are your backlinks Powerful?

Quiz Question:

Which is better for your SEO? A backlink on a webpage with

1. No backlinks?
2. 1 backlink?
3. Lots of backlinks?

The answer is…

3 – lots of backlinks.

The more backlinks that the page has, on which your link sits, the better.

Now, what many do not know is that you can add power to your existing back links.  Previously, that backlink was near-worthless to you. Follow the process outlined here, and now it boosts your SEO.

So, how can you boost your backlinks in this way?

The same way we worked to get them indexed – We get more backlinks TO the page on which you already have a backlink.

It is a concept and system called L4L or ‘Links for Links’

Now, there are many ways to do this and for full details and step by step coaching, see the detailed training material within the My Expert Team system available to Expert Team members.

First of all you need to compile a list of your backlinks.  If you have an SEO plan (and you should) then there will be a number of methods you are using to get backlinks.  You should be storing your backlink URLs as you create them.

I suggest you create a spreadsheet (Excel or Open Office) with columns for URL where the backlink is, your site it links to, and the link text used (you don’t want to over-dominate with the same link text).

If you haven’t got a list of your backlinks, or want to get a big list of them all, here is a handy and free way…


In most cases, first you need to start with a list of URLs of the web page on which you already have a backlink.

There are a few different ways to get a list of your backlinks. The quickest and easiest is to use MajesticSEO.com to get a list of your backlinks.


  1. Go to www.MajesticSEO.com – register (free) – and login
  2. On the homepage, enter the URL of your site – choose Historical index, not Fresh index
  3. Click “Create Report”, then “Create a free report”
  4. Follow the instructions on screen to validate that you own your site.  You will need to upload a blank file to your site’s hosting area.
  5. Select “Advanced report” and use the root domain without the http part or the www. part and check Historical index is being used.
  6. Go to the reports page and click into your site’s name
  7. At the bottom of the page click “More detailed report on this domain urls here.”
  8. At the bottom of that page, click “Export report CSV” and save it to your computer
  9. Open the file on your computer.  Rank order the file by the backlink URL
  10. Delete all URLs which are from your own site

Other ways to get a list of your backlinks (including using the ‘magic code’ formula) can be found in your Expert Team coaching material.  For further details see the BacklinksFertilizer.com site.

Is your backlink a correct, working link on that webpage?

Now, once you have a list of your backlinks, you need to double check that your link IS DEFINITELY on that page…

You see, some methods of backlink generation are not guaranteed to always work.

In your SEO plan you might have article marketing and comment linking.  These are just 2 of the many methods you might be using to get backlinks.  Both article marketing and blog commenting can be very effective for boosting your SEO (we suggest yo use a lot more methods also).

BUT – You will not get a 100% hit rate.  Many of your efforts simply will not produce a live, active backlink to your website.  For instance, if you do lots of comment linking (adding comments on other people’s blogs and also including a link to your site), sometimes the blog owner will choose to publish your comment and link – sometimes they won’t.

There is no point you making an effort to add backlinks and boosting someone else’s page if it is of no benefit to YOU. That would be a waste of your time, effort, energy and possibly money.

So you need to recheck your list of backlinks before you go getting backlinks to them.

Hence www.BacklinkRechecker.com was built to quickly and easily (and for FREE) recheck if your backlink IS still on the web page where your backlink should be.

Backlink Rechecker does this all automatically and all at once, from a batch list of your backlink URLs. You copy and paste your list of backlink URLs plus a separate list of your own sites, so we know which backlinks to look for on the URL list pages, then we give you back a file telling you which of these backlink URLs actually does have your backlink on.

Once you have got your rechecked list of URLs on which you do definitely have a backlink, now you need to promote, boost and maximize those URLs, by getting other backlinks to them.

There are some shortcut tips to maximize your backlinks here on how to quickly do this.

Watch this short free video on how to use Backlink Rechecker and how it will help your Search Engine Optimisation…

Links Checker


Right now, you can get started with Backlink Rechecker here



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