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Welcome. I'm Duncan Elliott, author, entrepreneur and successful outsourcing expert.

I want to show you what I have learned from years successfully earning a great living online, in numerous niches, and outsourcing much of the business, so you don't have to, and can focus on what matters.

Your SEO work done for you

Top 3 Ideas


To get detailed help and training to get the immediate benefit from the Backlink Rechecker system simply watch these short videos in order…

Install Backlink Rechecker

If for whatever reason you have any install problems then watch this video here

It is best to use Backlink Rechecker on your own site, using the WordPress plugin. Watch this short video to see exactly how to use it.
Using Backlink Rechecker on WordPress

Here is what to enter in the ‘My Sites’ box

To run Backlink Rechecker on your own site using the WordPress plugin you should set up a proper CRON task to run the process for you. Dont worry if you cannot do this, Backlink Rechecker will use WP Cron (which is not quite as good as proper CRON. To learn the simple, easy steps to get proper CRON set up watch this video…

Setting up CRON Task

Using Rechecker Plus and Pingback Optimizer:

Using Pingback Optimizer

If you havent got it yet, get Pingback Optimizer here

It is best to use the WordPress plugin on your own site because it will work faster. To learn how to use Backlink Rechecker on backlinkrecker.com watch this video…

Using Backlink Rechecker on backlinkrechecker.com

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